A key tool of the ASSET engagement strategy are 3 events which will be organised respectively in Italy (Milan), Spain (Madrid) and Belgium (Brussels), by the consortium's local partners, as stages of a sole ideal path.

The overall objective of the 3 roadshows is to raise awareness of the added-value of engaging with the ASSET Community and to put the bases for the future sustainability of the project.

The agenda of the meeting envisages an opening speech by a representative of the EU Commission on "Energy transition and emerging challenges": the regulative framework, the EU targets, the research trends and the societal challenges will be presented, to show the participants the overall framework around the energy transition process.

The event in by invitation only, to allow for organizing an effective and fruitful debate among the participants.

In case you are interested to participate to the event, please write an email to, specifying which entity you represent and how are you involved in the energy transition process.

However, a report with the main outcomes and recommendations will be made available after the event: don't miss the next ASSET newsletter!